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Monday, February 7, 2011

Newlywed House Crash + Weekend in Pictures!

This weekend we had the opportunity to crash at the home of my BFF-since-10th-grade. This was such a special treat because when she got married in August, she moved off to Orlando and I haven't seen her since! I was SO happy when she told me that they were moving to Nashville, because it's only 3 hours away! Another BFF and her soon-to-be husband were there, which made it an Uh-mazing weekend. I didn't want it to end! :(

Need some inspiration for your home? My friend Lindsay has only been in their new apartment for a couple weeks, but she already has it looking cute!
Lindsay & Caleb

If you want to know how to make that awesome picture collage, visit Scarlett's blog to learn! You will LOVE her blog!

We had planned on having a big photoshoot, but the freeeezing cold weather put a damper on that! So we took a few quick shots outside!

We even got in some pretty good group shots!

Oh, and I guess I should introduce you to Paris, their adorable, feisty Yorkie!

This weekend I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have amazing, loving & supportive friends. We have literally gone through so much together; from high school, being college roommates, wanting to kill each other sometimes (HA!), to celebrating each others marriages and careers! 
I love these girls SO much!!



  1. Those pictures are very good! And I really like the photo collage. I'm getting ready to buy a house and I need all the inspiration I can get!

  2. Y'all are just a bunch of beautiful couples! Looks like fun!
    I have some vintage pictures of my grandparents and family that I wanted to do a collage with (and my wall needs something in the living room) but needed direction on it, perfect :) Thanks!

  3. Great pictures and that's pretty exciting that your firend is moving closer!

  4. Such great pictures! You are blessed to have such great friends!!


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