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Thursday, March 10, 2011

well hello there..

Remember me? 
I know it's been well over a month. We've been, well.... busy to say the least. So I took a month off from blogging!

For starters, we ripped up our stinky old carpet and put in new flooring. We didn't want to go all out and spend tons of $$ on very nice flooring, since we don't know how long we'll be in our house, so we went with laminate. And we love love love it! Jordan had our living room finished in a week! Have I told you how talented he is? Jack of all trades, that man is. 

The guest bedroom was finished last night. I'll quit talking and just show you some pictures! 

Here's what our living room looked like back in the old carpet days:

And now we have this!:

Ahh, it looks, feels and SMELLS so much nicer!

The photography business is growing before our very eyes. Every day we wake up and are in awe of what God is doing. Glory be to God for it all, seriously! Sometimes we think back and are like, wow! How did this happen again? and so fast? Our God is an awesome God I tell ya! We've found our niche, I would say, when we least expected it. When we finally let God have complete control of our future and stopped trying to make things happen on our own, God led us into something that we truly love (and gave us the talent & means to do so). When we get all excited and try to take things into our own hands again, we have to remind ourselves not to limit God, he's taken us here and will continue to take us to places we've only dreamed of going! I could talk about this for hours but I'll stop for now. :)

Here's a little update on Wall-E. He's currently in the "dog house" (pun intended). In the past week he has ran away from home & eaten through a door (I'm not joking, I have pictures). 
We're on the fence about what to do with him. :-(

On a brighter note, Spring Break for me starts at 1:30 tomorrow! You will be seeing a lot more posts from me from now on! At least I think that's a good thing! :)

I've missed all of my blogger friends! I can't wait for some free time next week to catch up on all of your blogs & see what has gone on in your lives over the past month! I got a sweet "we miss you in the blog world" email from Megan. The sweet husband who used to give the me "when will you be finished?" eye when I spent so much time blogging, even told me I needed to blog again. haha!

So here I am and I am happy to be back!


  1. We're glad to see you back!!!! And your new floor looks great! So glad your photography is taking off, God is good!

  2. The new floors look great!

    That's so exciting about the photography...those pictures are beautiful!

  3. The floors look great! So excited for yall about your "niche!" You are so right-- let go and let God do His thing!
    Agreed, yah for Spring Break!

    P.S. I will put ol' Wall-E in my prayers... I am sure he is just going through a rough patch haha ;)

  4. Welcome back! Beautiful pictures!! Glad the photography thing is going well!

  5. Looks great! Glad to have you back!!! :)

  6. So good to hear! Love the floors, and the photography. :)


  8. I was SO SO happy when I saw a post from you in my reader!! You have been missed!!!!! I love y'alls new floor...great decision!! I'm so glad that y'alls business is taking off.

  9. The floors are beautiful! Glad to see you back!

  10. Glad to hear all is going so wonderfully! The floors look great!

  11. You have done really great job with that floors. Looks really comfortable!

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