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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day #4

Can you believe this is my 4th snow day this week?
It's insane.. and I'm going insane stuck in the house all by myself!

I've had a lot of time on my hands, and to avoid some much needed house keeping, I've done some blog editing..

New header!! Yay!

You might notice a new tab at the top called "Love Story".

Just a story of how my sweet husband and I met and got married! :)

Also, If you check out the "Our Home" tab, I've got some new stuff in there for you!
Floor Plans!

Oh yes, I've had that much time on my hands!

I hope you enjoy!

Also, I had a comment earlier on my Photo Editing post about my wedding dress.

The story of my wedding gown is unique.
I wasn't the typical "go into a store, find the dress and cry" girl.
I've said this before, but I'm not exactly a "big spender", and my wedding gown was no exception.

When I began searching, I knew I wanted 3 things:
1. strapless
2. lace
3. sache

After months of searching for the perfect one, I was at a little bridal shop in Auburn with a good friend and found this cute little dress for only $150!!

The only thing it wasn't, was strapless. So I figured I could have someone make it strapless. If they could, great! If not, I'm only out $150!

So I went for it!
strapless: check!
lace: check!
sache: check!


  1. Beautiful dress! And what an awesome deal! Sorry y'all are still under that much snow! I hope it goes ahead and melts a bit soon. Or better yet, try to send some our way--it's always funny watching Texans (myself included) react to a snowfall!

  2. Love all the new tabs you've got going on!

    Your dress was beautiful!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Love your new header! And floorplan? uhm amazing.

  4. Very Cute Header! I am so glad that you have put my tutorial to good use! More to come :)

  5. What a cute header!! I loooove it!! I am going to check out all the fun new tabs now!! The floorplan is SO cool!!

    You were a stunning bride!! I love your dress!

  6. PS: Have I mentioned that I get SO excited when you post something new?? I just love your blog!

  7. I love the new header- gorgeous photos! And your wedding photos are stunning! Snow days are the best! Last year we had a ton- this year none so far!

  8. Love it! I am new to your site! Your dress is amazing!

  9. Oh how I remember the dress buying day well. Leave the store and start debating right away, call to see about alterations, me nearly getting us in a wreck trying to rush to turn back around, leave with dress. Successful find!

  10. Beautiful dress!! And girl, I'm obsessed with floor plans. HOW did you do that one of your house?? A specific site? You're adorable. I love the tabs and so happy we're bloggin' buddies (:

  11. what a great dress!!


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