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Thursday, December 30, 2010

wish lists and reality.

I really want this camera bag.

You can find it here.

Gorgeous isn't it?

The reality of it is, this bag is $250. Even if I had that much to blow after Christmas, I could still think of about 10 more things I want need more than this. Plus, it's hard for me to buy anything if it's not on sale. It's okay to look though... right? Maybe one day I'll find it on ebay. :)


  1. very cute! How long have you been into photography? expensive hobby! I would love to get into it but the funds need to multiply haha. My sister does it professionally, I think she would adore this bag!

  2. It is an expensive hobby! I've only had my camera for a little over a month now.. I love it! It's definitely worth saving for!


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