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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The kitchen adventure has begun..

We have begun renovating our kitchen, FINALLY. Well, actually it was about a month ago when we started, I just never posted it. We are oh so excited (especially me) to have a newly renovated kitchen to cook in!

Here are the BEFORE pictures of our kitchen:

We have taken out the ugly lighting, and moved the sink that was so randomly placed in the middle of the kitchen floor. Oh, and we have painted the walls brown.

That is Jordan tearing down cabinets all by himself (we are trying to do this entire project by ourselves). Low and behold behind some shelving was MORE WALLPAPER! Seriously lady (who lived here before us), why?

We will make it through this!

Our cabinets are being painted white!!

I am going to leave you with a paint sketch that Jordan made on our computer of what the finished product should look like (roughly).

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  1. I need any and all advice you have about how to paint kitchen cabinets! Ours are very similar to yours pre-painted and we want to paint ours white, too. We just haven't gotten brave enough yet! ;)


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