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Saturday, January 1, 2011

adios computer.

Happy New Year to us!
As we say goodbye to 2010, we also say goodbye to our Dell desktop :( 
A lightning storm showed Dell who was boss and we woke up this morning to the black screen of death.

So now we face our first dilemma of 2011, what computer to get?

Option 1- We keep our Dell monitor, keyboard, etc. and buy a new computer tower, knowing that sometime in the future we want to buy an iMac. 

Option 2- We dip into our savings and get the computer we have always wanted and were planning to get sometime in the future.

Option 1 may cost less now, but might end up being a waste of money if we are planning on getting an iMac sooner or later. Should we just go ahead and get the one we want?

What to do...what to do?


  1. Hmmmm, decision, decisions! I say go ahead and get the iMac if that is what ya'll really want!!

  2. Hi, Amanda! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope that you have a blessed year in 2011! :-)

  3. I got a MacBook Pro after having a Dell laptop (that died) and I'm pretty much in love with my Mac :) It might be wrong to be in love with it- but oh well!


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