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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It has been a while since I have blogged, so here is an update on our lives:

  • Almost finished with the kitchen! Everything is finished except for the floors. Yep, I still have that hole in the floor, but I'm not complaining because everything else looks absolutely amazing!

                    I am so happy with the countertops and cabinets!! Jordan did such a great job! 
  • We went to the beach in late June, a little scared that the oil would ruin our fun in the ocean, WRONG! The beach was beautiful! 
                   We did see tar balls wash up one day. After about 3 hours they were gone and the water was clear again. These guys cleaned up the beach and we never saw tar balls again! :)
  • In case you were wondering, Wall-E is doing just fine! Aside from trying to escape from his crate when we are gone so he can show us just how angry he is with our leaving by destroying the house, he's been good! haha!
  •  Wedding Bells! All of my friends are getting married! Next up, Lindsay Smith! In exactly one month, she will be Lindsay Hamilton! Wow! All I have to say is Caleb is one lucky guy! Lindsay and I have been friends since the 10th grade. I wish nothing but the best for her and Caleb! Here is a picture of us at my wedding:

Other friends getting married in the near future (in time order):

Bretteni-November 2010- Brett is such a sweet girl who deserves a fairy tale ending! We cheered together and were the best of friends in high school!  I am so excited to see her happy! Here is a picture of us in high school, doing what we did best, acting stupid! haha:

Scarlett- May 2011- Scarlett and Zach have been together since high school and have had such a sweet relationship! Everyone is so excited to see these high school sweethearts get married and live happily ever after! Scarlett and I were friends in high school and roommates throughout college. Here is a picture of us our first year as roommates (we look so young):

I love all of you guys so much! I pray God's blessings on your marriages and for stress-free planning! Can't wait for the weddings!

That is pretty much everything that has been happening in our lives these days. No job for me just yet, but God has something in store for me! 
Keep Praying! :)

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