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Thursday, December 10, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas from the Greers! We are all moved into our new house and have just begun decorating for Christmas! This is mine and Jordan's favorite time of the year, so we wanted to go all out (I'm telling you, my husband aspires to be Clark Griswold). Too bad we are just married, I'm still in school, we only have one income and 15 days left until Christmas or we would go all out! We did what we could!

It is now time to reveal the AFTER pictures of our house!!
 Like the black shutters?
I got all crafty and made our wreath all by myself!

Decorating our first tree!

Wall-E's first reaction to the tree was to pee on it..that was great..

Remember that pink carpet? You do? Oh, I don't. I blocked it out of mind.

Master bath! We love our vessel sinks!

Right when you walk in the front door.

Jordan said we had to include a picture of the lighting.

We kept the fireplace the same, but got rid of that ugly wallpaper. Our mantel is decorated for Christmas with a stocking for Jordan, one for me, and of course (until we have children) one for Wall-E.

One day we will start renovating the kitchen, we promise! :)

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