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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Have you ever been to a place that you could just pack up and move to even though you had no family or friends, no home, and even no way of making a living there? Jordan and I could literally pack up and move to Antigua today. We would be beach bums for all we care (don't worry, we're not that crazy). Seriously though, we LOVE that place. We went to Sandals: Grande Antigua, were it is hot all year round! We were so blessed to have such a beautiful and relaxing honeymoon!

We had to wake up at 3am to be at the airport (hence the leftover wedding hair), but look at the smiles on our faces! We were ready to be in Antigua!

Such beautiful water!

Everything was so beautiful and secluded there..It was like a tropical paradise!

The hard part about honeymooning is getting a picture of the two of us together.. it was either set the camera up and run to get in the picture or ask a complete stranger to take it for us.

We went on a circumnavigation tour and where they took us to this private beach.. we also went zip-lining! So much fun!

It was so easy getting used to eating great meals every night and not having to pay for any of it! If you are planning a honeymoon, we strongly encourage you to go to a Sandals resort. We are already planning our next trip! :)

To view more pictures, click here to view our Snapfish album!

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