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Monday, January 3, 2011

decision conquered.

After much debating and listening to advice from others, we made the decision to fill that empty space where "dead Dell" once lived with...



Although it was a difficult decision and the money was hard to spend, we know we made the right choice. We've only heard great things about Mac's and know this one will last us a long time, better! We're typically not big spenders. I know, I know.. it kind of looks like it because of the two gadgets we bought recently, but those were for Christmas (one was partially a gift from parents) and this was the lightning's fault! (Every time I spend money on something big you'll probably read my justification on here. I like to stick to a budget and I have to talk my self into getting things I need). 

we're super happy with it so far!

Thanks for all the advice, y'all! :)


  1. YAY for an iMAC! Now I want one!

  2. Hi Amanda...
    Please stop by my blog... I have an award for you :)

  3. Love the blog!! Congrats on the new IMAC, I want one but DH isn't having it, he's a PC and always will be. Enjoy the new toy!

  4. hey! Just came across your blog...SO darling..your little yellow house is ADORABLE. I LOVE. I daydream daily about our future home (the husband and I are in England for a year and return in october to the US). Following you :)

    xx from Across The Pond,

  5. I got an iMac for Christmas!!! After 4 years of begging!! LOL


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